Good evening Mr. Oliveri, I would like to congratulate you and your company: my first experience purchasing your oil online was absolutely positive.
First of all I appreciated his kindness and helpfulness in our telephone conversations prior to the purchase, then his care in keeping me informed on the movements of the shipment, then again the punctuality of delivery via courier, and finally (most importantly) I appreciated the goodness of his oil with a delicate but at the same time strong flavor, which was my exact expectation from a monocultivar oil like that of Nocellara del Belice.
I am very happy with the purchase and will recommend it to those like me who shy away from products usually found on supermarket shelves.
Congratulations and sincere best wishes for the growth of your company.
Best regards.
Roberto Virzì

My first online purchasing experience of your Nocellara Del Belice EVO oil was excellent.

A highly fragrant oil with a balanced flavour.
I will be placing a new order soon and am recommending your oil to my friends.
Lots of good things for your company.
Best regards.
Eduardo Tarallo.

Fast delivery, although I am not an expert in extra virgin olive oil, I think the product is very good.
I would describe it like this: intense and fruity aroma, dense at the right point and the taste is bittersweet with a slightly spicy hint. I recommend it for anyone who wants a good product.

Belloso Renato

Good morning, we have received your product intact and well packaged (if I can afford it I would change SDA with another courier). We had the pleasure of tasting the oil which we really liked. We are happy to support an Italian reality.
We will purchase again.
Andrea Solimei