Nero d'Avola

Nero d'Avola is the most famous native red grape variety of Sicily. Like many other varieties, it was introduced to the island at the time of Greek colonization and retains memory of its ancient origins in the traditional form of sapling cultivation.
The origin of the name nero d'avola should be contextualized in very ancient times. Already in 1800, red wines from Nero d'Avola grapes had become highly sought after and coveted. The vine is grown mainly in Sicily and has always produced grapes with a high sugar content which allow the wine produced to easily reach over 15 degrees of alcohol. , the Nero d'Avola vines grown in the eastern area, are decidedly finer, with strong hints of fruit. When tasted, Nero d'Avola has an intense, brilliant ruby red colour, with violet reflections, truly lively; the aroma is not easy to understand, certainly spicy, it highlights hints of dried plum, cherry, blackberry, blackcurrant, raspberry and chocolate, leather and tobacco.

Cabernet Souvignon

Cabernet-Sauvignon is a black grape variety native to the Gironde, in the Médoc and Graves-Saint-Amant areas, and is undoubtedly the most flexible variety in the world for the production of wines of great quality and longevity. This vine is widespread in practically all wine-growing areas, assuming an important role even among international varieties.
It is often used in blending  and  in a blend.
It is capable of producing intense wines already in colour, rich in tannins and aromatic substances, capable of long ageing; thanks to the great structure of this vine, long macerations and aging in wood, especially French oak, can be dared, which allow it to express a complex and fascinating bouquet over time.


Grillo is the wine that now dominates all white production in the Trapani area, in western Sicily,
produces very fragrant and intense robust wines,
The bouquet of Grillo is generous, broad and envelops your nose with warm fruit, broom and hawthorn, then aromas of pine and plum, flowers and even fruit and salt.
On the palate, Grillo is a wine with impact, heat and alcohol push,  like all savory and full-bodied white wines, but not very fragrant, serve it at a temperature of 10 to 8 degrees.

Pinot grigio

From the pinot grigio we obtain a straw yellow wine with golden reflections or a rosé reminiscent of the color of onion skin, depending on the type of winemaking chosen. The aroma is intense and fruity, with delicate floral hints. The peculiarities of this wine consist of freshness and alcohol content, accompanied by good softness and structure, characteristics that also make it perfect for making sparkling wine.