La Busiata

The Busiata is a typical pasta shape originating from western Sicily, in particular from the province of Trapani, so called because the dough was originally wrapped around the stem of a plant, the "buso" in Sicilian dialect. This local herb was used to create bundles and to give Trapanese pasta its characteristic twisted appearance. It is a product so rooted in its territory that it has obtained recognition as a traditional agri-food product , of the Sicily region. It is a cross between bucatini and fusilli: the busiate are twisted on themselves in a very tight spiral that leaves a small hole in the center. They are found in the short and long variant.

Durum wheat fields 



$ 2,72     lb 1,102                                   La Busiata
Sicilian durum wheat pasta
Bronze drawn
Slow drying at low temperature

Product information:
1,102 ld pack
From highly selected Sicilian durum wheat
Bronze drawn for better consistency, roughness and callosity
Excellent seal during cooking. Excellent roughness to better retain any seasoning
Particularly suitable for dishes with a Mediterranean flavour
Made in Sicily

Further information:
Allergens: contains cereals with gluten
Storage instruction: store in a cool, dry place away from heat and light sources
Country of origin of primary ingredients: Sicily (Italy)
Production region: Sicily (Italy)
Production area: Valle del Belice

Mediterranean recipes

Busiata ricotta, peas and choppedBusiata with ricotta, baby peas and mixed minced pork and beef

Busiata Trapanese styleBusiata with tuna, aubergine, cherry tomatoes, basil

Busiata with Trapanese pestoBusiata with almonds, dried tomatoes, breadcrumbs